Craft breweries produced 25.9 million barrels of beer last year, adding up to an impressive 4% growth in the otherwise sluggish beer industry. But with that growth comes logistical challenges that craft breweries are often unprepared to handle alone. That’s why growth-minded craft breweries are turning to a single partner who can optimize their packaging and inventory.

Is your brewery space filled with inventory, making it difficult to get your job done efficiently? Is your cash flow tied up in large orders, leaving you with fewer resources to support your growth? Read our checklist to discover:

  • The five top factors for selecting your packaging and inventory partner
  • How inventory management programs can support your growth
  • The power of total cost optimization

At Victory Packaging, we understand that the right packaging and inventory partner is key to your craft brewery’s success. Download our quick checklist to learn how the right partner can support your growth.